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Episode 45

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Nick Larson

Nick Larson is the host and creator of the Birdshot Podcast. He and his family, which includes a pair of English setters, reside in Minnesota where he grew up and fell in love with the outdoors. Naturally, his favorite pursuit is upland bird hunting dating back 25+ years from his humble beginnings as a “partridge” hunter. Today, he chases adventure across the uplands wherever his bird dogs and the people he connects with inspire him to go.

On this episode of the Project Upland Podcast, I’m joined by Gregg Elliot of dogsanddoubles.com. Gregg and I talk about his 2018 upland bird hunting season, good deals in the gun market and how to buy your first vintage side-by-side. During our conversation Gregg and I start with a recap of his 2018 upland bird…

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  • Nick I have enjoyed your podcasts I have listened to (Started at the beginning. I know you suggested a cable cutter which was small and light for cutting a snare if your dog gets caught. Can’t remember the episode to find out which one. My brothers dog got caught in a snare last week. Dog is fine he got to it in time but his wire cutters didn’t work at all. Think it’s time for me to get prepared

    • Thanks for listening David and glad to hear you’re enjoying so far! I don’t recall that episode either but yes you want to have a good quality, strong wire cutter or “side cutter” as I’ve been told. I haven’t had to use mine yet, but it’s not something you want to skimp on. Glad to hear your brother’s dog is ok! Happy New Year!

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Episode 45