#167 | Wingshooting and Shotguns with Lars Jacob

Episode 161

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Hosted by
Nick Larson

Nick Larson is the host and creator of the Birdshot Podcast. He and his family, which includes a pair of English setters, reside in Minnesota where he grew up and fell in love with the outdoors. Naturally, his favorite pursuit is upland bird hunting dating back 25+ years from his humble beginnings as a “partridge” hunter. Today, he chases adventure across the uplands wherever his bird dogs and the people he connects with inspire him to go.

Wingshooting instructor and gun fitter Lars Jacob joins the show to talk shotguns, shooting, gun fit and more

Show Highlights:

  • Shooting side by sides versus over/under or single barrel shotguns
  • 12 gauge versus 28 gauge – the gauge debate
  • Wingshooting in upland hunting
  • Practicing your gun mount
  • The perfect woodcock gun?

Tune in to this episode of the Birdshot Podcast for a conversation on wingshooting and shotguns with Lars Jacob of Wild Surroundings.

Win A Gun Fit Session with Lars Jacob at Peaceable Hill Farm courtesy of Upland Gun Company: Email me at with subject line “Get Fit”

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  • Another show chocked full of technical data episode 167 is worth a second (or third) visit. Mr. Jacob’s background, and adventures give him the credentials required for the authority he projects in his direct and smooth delivery of wonderfully insightful information. I feel more assured about my future efforts just by listening. It’s nice to hear of the current resurrection of the side by side double gun, as told here, in that it holds an indelible place in the uplands. Thank you for your continued efforts to support our beloved lifestyle.

    • Thanks once again for you thoughtful comment and feedback Scott! I couldn’t agree more with Lars’ contributions on the podcast and I can assure you it won’t be the last time we speak with him!

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Episode 161